On Faith’s Edge – The Introduction | Episode 1


Do you Believe in God?

That might sound like a simple question.  But do you really buy it all? This Almighty Creator stuff?

On Faith’s Edge is for those finding themselves caught in that tension between belief and doubt; both the proclaimed believer and curious non-believer.

We’ll be engaging, educational and hopefully entertaining as we grow closer to the truth. Sometimes we’ll poke fun, be a little lighthearted, well maybe A LOT lighthearted. Don’t mistake our irreverence, however, for ridicule; the ideas of eternal life, righteousness and a relationship with our Creator, can and should be sobering. So indeed, we’ll have serious moments as we challenge our faith by working out the hard questions. Weekly, you’ll hear from people of faith in the world of business, entertainment and art as they try to live out an authentic faith. So, hang tight, and let’s shake things up a bit. We’ll be stronger for it.