A Lesson on Islam and Bringing Muslims to Jesus with Kent Philpott | Episode 84

Kent Philpott is a graduate of Sacramento State University, Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, and San Francisco Theological Seminary. He has dual ordination with both Southern and American Baptists. Since 1984, Kent has pastored the Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, California. As the Director of Earthen Vessel Publishing, he has authored numerous books; including If Allah Wills and Islamic Studies.

Kent has been studying Islamic theology and practice for fifteen years while maintaining his own deep Christian faith.  He intimately interacts with the Muslim community and professes “friendship” with leaders of the Islamic faith.  He brings a unique perspective on relating to Muslims, talking to them about Christianity and ultimately leading them to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Who is “Allah”?
  • Are Christians, Jews, and Muslims worshiping the same God?
  • The origins of Mohamed and the Islamic faith.
  • Who is Jesus to Muslims?
  • What does the Quran teach about violence?
  • How to reach-out to the Muslim community?

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If Allah Wills and Islamic Studies are available on Amazon.com

If Allah Wills

If Allah Wills” is an expression that comes to us from the Muslim world (enshallah in Arabic) and connotes the hope that God is in control of our lives and world events. The book is written for the Muslim reader to consider various aspects of their religion as found in the Qur’an and other traditional texts and cultural norms and compare them to who Jesus is and what He brings as found in the Bible and Christian history.  Kent does not condemn Muslims or attack Islam or the prophet Muhammad but reaches out with care and concern with an offer of the love and grace of Jesus. This book is an excellent resource for Christian evangelists and apologists, especially to give away to the Muslim community.


Islamic Studies

What should the Christian know about Islam? “Islamic Studies” prepares students in group, class settings, or privately to know all the essentials of Islam’s theology, history, rituals, tendencies, and culture for adequate interaction with Muslims. Knowing the differences between Islam and Christianity is crucial for effective witness. The reader will gain an understanding of what causes radicalization and what ex-Muslims say about the need for reform. It contains basic details of the Qur’anic Chapters, a short biography of Muhammad’s Life, and The Crescent and Star Symbol.