Being Reformed by The Reformation – Author of GODSPEED, David Teems | Episode 91

Today’s show is one to get comfortable with.  It’s the holidays, you may have some downtime, so it’s a perfect opportunity to listen to a deep, reflective conversation.

Author David Teems and I hang out for over an hour as we dive into The Reformation, the founders of the modern Christian church, the state of the Christianity today, and being conned by Christianity.

National Geographic featured David in their series ORIGINS; speaking on the life, contribution, and martyrdom of William Tyndale.

A prolific writer and musician, David ranked #2 in History and #9 in Biography on Amazon.  He has a BA in Psychology from Georgia State University. David and his wife Benita live near their sons in Franklin, TN.
As it says in the prologue, GODSPEED “doesn’t pretend to be a history book, and it doesn’t always behave like a devotional.  Using the Reformation as it’s foundation, we see a glimpse of the times, and its moods. It gives us a look into the fathers of the Reformation; Luther, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Calvin and more.

If you are looking to reignite your faith, I believe this book; GODSPEED will bring you the personal reformation you are looking for.

In addition to GODSPEED, David and I Take a deep dive into”

The Reformation and the reformers; Tyndale, Luther and Wycliffe and more.
The corruption of the Roman church that led to the reformation movement
How we can create personal reformation. Listen for the words Liberty, Clarity, Sobriety.
David is very transparent about his struggle with faith, “Off-The-Rails” as he would say, being conned by Christianity, including his severe anger with God.

There’s so much depth, transparency and sincerity in our conversation that I believe it will cause you to be introspective about your faith and bringing yourself closer to Jesus Christ.  It’s deep, thorough and engaging.

Stick around for the VERY end of the show. You’ll hear a reading from GODSPEED by David that he recorded exclusively for us.

David’s website is and GODSPEED is available on  I heartily recommend this book.

God is real, He Loves You and so do I.

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