We welcome back to the show Presidential impersonator extraordinaire, John Morgan to discuss his new book War on Fear.

During our conversation …

  • A tiny glimpse of his President Donald Trump impersonation
  • John’s thoughts on the Presidential election.
  • His new book The War on Fear
  • The paralyzation that fear brings and how to recognize unhealthy fear from healthy fear
  • The attack of the Lorikeet
  • How John dealt with the fear of being himself
  • God’s perspective on a recent comedy club appearance
  • The launch of The John Morgan Show at JohnMorgan.tv 


John Morgan travels as “the face” of President George W. Bush at corporate, comedic, and faith-based events around the world, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of astonished people who might otherwise never have an audience with America’s Commander in Chief. With a small cadre of “Secret Service” agents stationed around him, John nods his head and greets the crowd with the President’s trademark Texas drawl. John’s show combines his hilarious but respectful impression of President Bush with a few famous George W. faux pas, blended with a mix of parody songs and finishes up with an inspiring message about hope and determination. He elicits heartfelt laughter from both sides of the political aisle.

John was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He and, his wife Kathy, still reside in sunny Orlando with their four sons, Christopher, Stephen, Daniel and Jonathan, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three exciting grandkids. John’s inspiring journey is chronicled in print.

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Twitter: @BushGuy

You can hear more about John’s story and his faith at onfaithsedge.com/24 


“Imagine an army of men and women unafraid to pursue their dreams, obey God and love one another,” says Morgan. “One day it dawned on me that fear had kidnapped me, held me captive, and kept me from my heart’s desire. I got mad and declared war on fear. Then I looked around and saw chains of fear around my friends and loved ones everywhere. I knew I was called to fight for them, to fight with them. We will fight and win the war on fear.”

Featuring a foreword by popular speaker and TV personality Alan Robertson (Duck Dynasty), War on Fear has already garnered praise from fans, the media and even the highest levels of the political arena.

“John takes so many of the common things we fear and gives us great help in not only overcoming these enemies but actually taking them and using them to gain strength and help others,” says Robertson. “I can tell you that if you follow John’s guide to overcoming fear and put into practice his very practical advice, you will be a more confident and positive person and you will be victorious in your war on fear.”

War on Fear is available on Amazon.com