The Importance of “Just One” with Singer-Songwriter Orlando Rodriguez | Episode 85

Orlando Rodriguez is an artist who can’t separate his performance from his song, or his life from his message. An innately talented singer-songwriter, Orlando experienced his first taste of success in the music business as the lead singer of the urban pop group P.U.M.P., where he shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, and *NSYNC.

He advanced his music career one step at a time–touring relentlessly, he honed his craft as a songwriter, learned the art and science of producing, and became a student of the entertainment industry. After coming to the realization that he hadn’t fully dedicated his talents to the Lord, he laid music on the altar and allowed God to restore it in His time.

In today’s show …

  • The amazing story behind his song “Just One” and the tragedy prevented by just one God lead conversation.
  • The “One-Hour” difference between the worlds of secular music and Christian music.
  • Orlando’s new project TURN THE WORLD OFF, the impact it is making and how you can get a free copy of the CD

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As this show is released, the Houston, Texas area is recovering from the devastation of the massive hurricane, Harvey. At least 45 people are confirmed dead as of the morning of 9/23/2017 and the economic toll is estimated in the tens of billions.  I have a hand full of friends in the Houston area, including my good friend and a friend of the show, singer-songwriter Chris Whittington.  I reached out to Chris this past week and he and his family are safe.  But that’s not the case for thousands of other families.  If you’re led to provide assistance, I would ask that you send money to Matthew 25: Ministries.  Prayers are important and so is money.  They are a tremendous faith-based organization that deploys emergency assistance to disasters across the globe.  They are a lean and efficient group; your contributions will be used wisely.  Their website is

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