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Victoria Koloff’s Response to First Episodes of Preacher’s Daughters


(Reprinted with permission from her blog post at victoriakoloff.blogspot.com)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Koloff Family Thoughts

Our family in no way, shape or form, agreed to do a show about “Church Girls Gone Wild”!  Although according to some of the messages we’ve received from fans of the show, it may seem that way, following the first episode of Season 2, which aired last Wednesday. We truly believe that the show will prove to be about faith, restoration and reconciliation, or we wouldn’t have been involved in a second season.  Yes, we were as SHOCKED as many of you (we heard you loud and clear!) by this 1st episode, but we trust the show will take a positive direction throughout Season 2, just as Season 1 proved to do, are are asking you to trust the process as well.The Koloff’s are ONLY responsible for our own actions and are proud of our participation and the vulnerability we shared throughout the filming of Season 2.  You will see throughout Season 2, that we faced challenges as a family, yet overcame them with the help of Jesus Christ, our faith in Him and our love and respect for one another. I’m incredibly proud of my entire family (including my ex-husband, Nikita). We’ve never claimed to be perfect or have all the answers, but we know and love The One who does.  (The only thing I regret about what you’ll see this season is my horrible haircut! I’m thankful my hair has grown out!).

Although we don’t know what the upcoming episodes will contain, we’re staying positive and believe that in the end, all the families will find their way and the initial premise of the show will be fulfilled.  Keep in mind, it’s a great witness to see, not only where we start, but how we finish!

With that said, we will NOT be allowing my granddaughter, Salem (who’s only 4 years old), to watch our show until we’ve watched it first, only allowing her to view what is appropriate.   I would encourage those of you with young children to do the same. At least, in these first few episodes. I don’t know what’s coming, but I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better.

We’ve always believed what we were told. And that is that this show would focus on real life struggles Christians go through and how their faith in Jesus Christ is the glue that holds them together and gets them through anything and everything they are faced with. We still believe this will be the case in the long run.

The Elliott’s, Cassidy’s and the Coleman’s are wonderful people.  And we feel confident to say their heart and intentions are in the same place as ours.  Just because we faced different obstacles in our different and separate families, does not negate the act that each and every family on this show loves The Lord and each other very much!  We’re all just trying to do our best.

Keep watching and praying for lives to continually be touched and changed by “Preachers Daughters!”

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