If Jesus were a voting man, living in twenty-first century America, on what side of our many political issues would he stand?

As we approach another election, we hear politicians on both sides of the aisle as well as religious leaders of every stripe claim to know—with absolute certainty—where Jesus and Christianity stand on their favorite issues. Jesus, of course, would vote exactly as they do. He would most certainly stand where they stand and fight for and against what they do. End of discussion. But would he?

This book presents the values of Jesus and the Scripture in a way that challenges simple conclusions about complex issues. Examining some of the most contentious political topics of our time in light of Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, the end goal of this book is not to promote a particular point of view but to objectively portray what the Bible says on political and cultural topics. Author Darrell Bock intends to provoke a different kind of conversation—a conversation where differences are heard and respect is shared, a conversation where we can disagree passionately yet dialogue peacefully and well.

Examining the weighty issues of our political and cultural world, author Darrell Bock looks at racial conflict, economics, poverty, health care, immigration, gun control, foreign policy, war, education, sexuality, abortion, and more through the teachings of Jesus and biblical teachings as a whole.


Author Darrell L. Bock is Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He also serves as Professor for Spiritual Development and Culture for the Seminary’s Center for Christian Leadership. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Breaking the Da Vinci Code. His special fields include the historical Jesus, gospel studies, and the integration of theology and culture. He is a graduate of the University of Texas (BA), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM), and the University of Aberdeen (PhD)


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If you look up “All American Girl” in the dictionary, chances are the definition will be accompanied by a picture of Sommer Floyd. Growing up in the Texas Hill Country, Sommer was an honor roll student, gifted athlete, beauty queen, and genuinely nice person. Voted “Class Favorite” and “Most Talented” by her high school classmates, she was the quintessential cheerleader, earning four individual high school All-American designations, and three All-Star Team National Championships. Attending college on a cheerleading scholarship, Sommer was designated a college All-American as a freshman, an almost unheard of accomplishment. She ran on the varsity track team, played tennis, showed livestock, participated in rodeos, earned her Deep Sea Diving certification…

Oh, and she sings and writes songs too.

While Sommer certainly has all the credentials as an All-American, she is also 100 percent human. She is the first to admit, she has made her share of mistakes.

“As a teenage girl, I made some poor choices that changed my life’s direction dramatically,” she confesses. One of those choices resulted in Sommer becoming a single mother at a young age. Broken-hearted and at the lowest point in her life, Sommer returned home to her loving, supportive family. She began to dig deep into God’s word, and discovered a fountain of acceptance and blessings

The transformation from everyone’s All-American to God’s empty vessel didn’t come quickly or easily for Sommer Floyd. But being forged in the refining fire of adversity can have a profound effect on a willing spirit. And the songs that emerge sound somehow sweeter, ring truer, and hold the capacity to scatter the darkness like a ray of light on a cloudy day.

Look for Sommer’s Debut Project “Ray of Light” Coming Soon

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