End of the Year Tax Planning … YAY! – Diane Gardner, Tax Coach | Episode 56



Diane’s expertise lies in the area of tax planning. Her goal is to make sure successful entrepreneurs across the United States are paying the least amount of income tax they can legally pay. As a tax coach, she offers a FREE tax analysis for those interested in finding out if they are overpaying their income taxes. Her goal is to save taxes one business at a time through the use of pro-active tax planning.

Best-Selling Author & Quilly Award Recipient, is the author of the following books:
Stand Apart: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Help Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd To Achieve Ultimate Success, featuring Dan Kennedy
Obamacare Survival Guide
10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost You Thousands
Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That?
Stop Overpaying Your Taxes

What is a Tax Coach?
Certified Tax Coaches are tax professionals with advanced training in proactive tax planning from the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. Unlike traditional tax preparers who crunch numbers in April, Certified Tax Coaches specialize in proactive year-round strategic planning methods. In order to save clients from overpaying their taxes, Certified Tax Coaches find deductions, credits and strategies, resulting in thousands of tax dollars in savings. Owning a business is the biggest tax shelter left in the United States. Diane provides the expert guidance required to help businesses maximize the amount of retained hard earned profit.

Diane is available to speak on the following topics:
• Proactive tax planning – Are You Paying Too Much Income Tax? Learn the 11 ways entrepreneurs overpay and how to stop it now.
• Are You Utilizing the Proper Entity for Your Business? – Many business owners are overpaying their taxes simply by not choosing the proper business entity type.
• Does Your Business Stand Apart? – Find out how you can stand apart from your competition and increase the lifetime value of your customers or clients.
• Five Simple Steps to Business Growth and Success – Implement these simple steps and watch your business grow!
• Why selecting the right tax professional is like dating! Diane has been featured on:

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