Inspiration and Miracles – ABC’s Rising Star Karen Hornsby | Episode 70

It is from a place of deep suffering that Karen Hornsby writes songs of encouragement for the brokenhearted. “Though weeping may endure for the night, God promises that joy will come in the morning,” Karen declares. She recalls performing “I Need You, Lord,” a song birthed after hearing a grim report from Gabi’s doctor. “When I opened my eyes, people were standing with their hands and voices lifted high, tears flowing down their faces. My song had validated their pain and had given their souls a way to voice what had been locked up inside. That was the day when joy began to strengthen me, and I saw a greater purpose to all the suffering. Somehow, God could use my sorrow to unlock the souls of men.”

Karen’s rich, soul-stirring vocals, which have been compared to a fetching mash-up of Celine Dion and Carrie Underwood, soon caught the ears of the producers of ABC-TV’s innovative reality show, Rising Star. While she wowed the judges with her remarkable voice, she also touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the country with her poignant story, earning a standing ovation on the show and making fans out of the host and judges, including superstars Josh Groban, Kesha and Brad Paisley.

In This Episode:

  • Karen’s experience on ABC’s Rising Star and how the superstars on the show connected with her story
  • How superstar Kesha poured herself into Karen and opened up about her own struggles
  • Brad Paisley‘s invitation to perform with him
  • Her survival of a fiery auto accident and a state trooper’s miraculous arrival on the scene
  • Her husband Todd’s and daughter Gabi’s fight against cancer
  • We listen to a sample of It’s Me from her self-titled debut album

The Karen Hornsby CD Project exists to leverage the power of music to strengthen, encourage, and validate those whose trials in this life can seem overwhelming. Karen’s no stranger to life’s darkest hours, her all original CD is produced to illustrate how she has been able to navigate impossible odds with God’s help.


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