Unexpected Faith in Movie UNION BOUND with Producer Michael Davis | Episode 64

Michael Davis - Union Bound


IN THEATERS NOW, Union Bound is based on the actual diaries of Union Soldier, Joseph Hoover, an unlikely survivor of the Underground Railroad.

I love Civil War movies.  I’m fascinated by the impact the war had on our society, the debate on why the Civil war was fought and the courage and conviction from both sides.

Today we talk to Michael Davis, producer of the new movie Union Bound just released on April 22nd.

In 1864, Hoover was captured at the Battle of the Wilderness and was taken to the notorious Andersonville Prison Camp. After four months, he was transferred to a new camp in South Carolina, where he managed to escape. Aided by slaves and what is now known as the “underground railroad,”

Sean Stone (son of famed director Oliver Stone) plays real-life soldier Joseph Hoover, who receives the help of freed slaves on his journey back to the Union in this story based on his own diaries. Directed by Harvey Lowry, Union Bound co-stars Randy Wayne (To Save a Life; The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning), Issac C. Singleton (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), Christian Fortune (New Years Eve) and Drew Seeley (High School Musical). Cactus Moser (Wynonna & the Big Noise) recorded the theme song and makes an appearance as a wounded soldier.

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